Partner in Global Sourcing

Partner in Global Sourcing

Welcome to Emcon, an experienced partner in industrial subcontracting. We specialise in sourcing and supplying mechanical parts and assemblies according to customer specifications. Emcon unburdens its customers with regard to production outsourcing, strategic purchasing and finding new suppliers.

Our production partners are located both locally and internationally. Abroad, we work with suppliers in Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. For doing international business, thorough knowledge of the local market and a reliable international network are essential. Through years of experience, Emcon has the right knowledge.

Industrial supply

Emcon’s core business is industrial supply of customer-specific metal products produced at carefully selected suppliers in Europe and Asia.

Areas of expertise

Our production partners in Eastern Europe and Asia are high-quality suppliers in the metal industry, each with their own specialism.

Our core activity is industrial supply of technical products

Our core activity is industrial supply of technical products

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Sheet metal working

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